Dear Customer,

thank you for connecting to our web-site. We are glad to submit you a short introduction of our company.

Aedes S.r.l., founded in 1988,  operates in the brokerage and estate advice field, with no area limits and we are particularly specialised in the trade promotion of building yards and subdivision of existing premises intended for both residential or industrial use.

The Head Office is located in Besana in Brianza – MB – Via Manzoni n. 6 but we work also with building site offices, where needed.

Our customer service can be defined as global, here below some details:

Agency - We offer asset, property and facility management, technical advice as for the realisation of new projects by means of feasibility study, financial advice, technical estimation of space subdivision, market research, trade estimation for the statement of product type in relation with the market trend and advertising promotion of the product itself.

Asset, Property & Facility management - Our company attends to the administration of real properties, starting from the single unit up to different real estate complexes, with a complete administration of the income estate.

Project Management – we offer assistance as for technical and cadastral practice completion, as well as for projects either through our own personnel or making use of an external professional office we are connected with.  

The absolutely serious and professional working system enabled our company to develop in the past few years prestigious trading operations. The enclosed pictures show some of these estate realities sold or administrated by us.

In order to grant an efficient product promotion in the national and international market through the internet system we have our own web site We are also connected to the most important real estate internet  networks.

A most updated computer line system grants clearness and safety in every trading operation; we are in a position to verify in real time any estate application and registration in the whole national market, as well as the cadastral compliance of any estate.

To complete our services’ range, we have set a financial section to offer all our customers advices and assistance to set the mortgage loan and/or real estate investments putting at customer’s disposal all our competence and knowledge with the most guaranteed reliability. 

At last, in temporal order but certainly not as importance, in October 2001 our company achieved ISO 9001 – Vision 2000 Certification, certificate n. 3553, released by WCS-World Certification Service, English certification company accredited by UKAS, SINCERT recognised, and at present we keep on working in compliance with a quality system deeply tested.

We remain at your complete disposal for any further information you may request in this respect and in case of need please don’t hesitate to contact us at our phone number 0362-941031, or fax number 0362-996528 or e-mail address

We look forward to meeting with you and in the meantime we remain with best regards.